Training Update: 24-30 May

  • Total mileage: 15.2 miles
  • Long run: 8.2 miles
  • Yoga: 4 times

Good old Greek mythology strikes again. I pushed things just a little to far with the combination of uphill and long run mileage increase and incurred the wrath of Achilles.

I had already skipped one of my normal weekday runs since my calves and heels were tighter than I liked, but I went ahead and did my long run as usual. My legs weren’t happy with that decision. So…instead of getting in another couple runs before the race on Saturday I’ll be getting in a couple of icing sessions, work with The Stick and some eccentric heel drops.

I’m more than a little frustrated at the injury but I’m trying to focus on the short term. To start with I’ll take some rest days and then I’ll do the run on Saturday. If it’s not too bad then I’ll notch the hill work down but keep up the mileage. On the other hand…if my Achilles are flaring up badly I may need to take a more serious couple weeks off. Very annoying but not worth doing more long-term harm.

On another note, I did take my Cascadia 5s on my long run and did a couple full creek submersions just for giggles. I’ll get a review of them put together once I can log some more miles (hopefully soon!).

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About Jason Donnell

Father of three in his late 30's looking for new challenges.
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